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Tori Martin | Living the Dream

NEW Single:
Living the Dream

June 2019

This song is an anthem for dreamers. We may face many “no’s” and shut doors, but we never give up. We chase after what we love with everything we’ve got. I’ve pursued music for almost 10 years and wrote this song when I first moved to Nashville. It will always be special to me and I hope it inspires others to fight for their dreams!

Tori Martin | EP

Tori Martin


The warm light of sun breaks through the clouds with these country-pop songs. A 'Caged Bird' who has had 'Enough' is finally free to soar. And as she learns 'Day By Day' not to get bogged down in the 'Quicksand' she goes 'Coastin' through life, falling in love, and she has 'Never Looked Back'.

The songs on this project are about finding love, and finding yourself - coming of age - opening your eyes and seeing what is around you. Musically it is an EP with lots of good melodies that are fun to sing. It's a good example of an artist finding their voice and wrapping it around songs that fit.