Roughstock: World Premiere: Tori Martin – “Lucky (Remix)”


World Premiere: Tori Martin – “Lucky (Remix)”

Posted By Matt Bjorke on Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 09:31PM PST

We’re proud to partner with the rising artist and her label LuckySky Music to share with you an exclusive preview of this new single.

Tori Martin brings a fresh perspective and a sense of authenticity with her every time she hits the stage. While only in her 20’s, the multifaceted sides of her artistry are most clearly displayed on her latest album, “Lucky.” Together with her label, LuckySky Music, the single is slated for an October 15 release. A hip, mid-tempo, pop country track, with a catchy, singable melody, “Lucky” is a song about winning. It’s a song about finding the perfect person to share life with and knowing that you have hit the love jackpot.

The song lyrics touch on bad dates, rolling the dice, even hitting Rodeo Drive to see what it feels like to be one of the lucky ones. But, as the song reveals, the real lucky ticket is being loved by a special person forever. Inspired by real life experiences, the Lucky (Remix) is her second single released to radio.